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Taking Portopiccolo as the departure point, by sea or land, heading in any direction.
There’s always something extraordinary to discover and experience.
An unending 360° journey for 365 days a year.


Trieste, meeting point between the Mediterranean and Central Europe, one of the most fascinating and least known sea cities in Italy.

Miramare Castle

A little way off, near Trieste, the fairy-tale architecture of Miramare Castle, residence of Ferdinand Maximilian of Habsburg and Carlota of Mexico, can be found, encircled by a splendid park and overlooking a Marina Reserve managed by the WWF – nature, history and culture heritage just waiting to be discovered.

The Falesie

Overlooking the sea, the white limestone of the Falesie Nature Reserve forms part of a landscape that is almost a work of art created by nature. Let yourself be inspired when taking a walk along the Rilke path, by the great poet who stayed in Duino castle, where he wrote his Elegies. Johann Strauss, Franz Liszt, Mark Twain, Paul Valéry, Gabriele D’Annunzio, to name but a few, also stayed here.

The Karst Plateau

The Karst Plateau, to be explored on foot or by bike, among the colours of the leaves that change with the seasons – from summer green to the bright red of autumn.

The Collio

The Collio Friulano, a unique land, produces some of the most valuable and best-liked white wines in the world.